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Sweeper Refurbishing

Rather than purchasing an entirely new sweeper truck, SPS can Refurbish your Sweeper or install a newly refurbished sweeper* on your existing truck chassis, saving you as much as half the capital cost of a new sweeper.

A well-maintained truck chassis that outlives its sweeping equipment is an opportunity to consider a refurbished sweeper.

Refurbished sweepers work like new because 95% of all parts are, in fact, new. Our Service Engineers have over 25 years’ experience in Sweeper mechanics having been Instructors on Johnston Sweepers, Allianz Sweepers & MadVac units.

With our turn-key refurbishing service, we handle pick-up, transportation, installation, and delivery of your newly refurbished sweeper. Contact us to obtain an expert opinion on which option best suits your needs.

* Our parts are compatible with street sweepers made by Johnston Sweepers Limited and Elgin Sweeper Company.

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