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Our Service Engineers have over 25 years’ experience in Sweeper mechanics and as Service Training Instructors on Johnston Sweepers, Allianz Sweepers & MadVac units

We provide an array of services that will keep your fleet running smoothly and efficiently. Whether it’s regular maintenance or a major repair, we have the know-how you need.

  • Technical Support & On-Site Diagnostic
    Travel to your location to diagnose & repair difficult cases. We can provide written estimates for broken down sweepers or units that have caught fire.

  • Major Overhauls
    We can assist you in Refurbishing or Overhauling your Sweeper. Repairs can be performed by our staff or yours.

  • Preventive Inspections
    All sweepers require regular maintenance. We will inspect your sweeper and provide you with a written report on the condition of the unit and what it will require in the near future. This will help eliminate unexpected downtime and emergency repair costs.

  • Maintenance & Operator Training

    • Operators are provided with information regarding pre-trip inspections, efficient operation, and dumping, cleaning, proper lubrication and winterization procedures.
    • Mechanics will get an understanding of the components and how they work in conjunction with each other.