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Our parts are compatible with the following models, manufactured by;

Johnston Sweepers Limited*
  • Johnston 600 & 700 series models 600, 605, 610, 705
  • Johnston VT series models VT650, VT651, VT800, VT801

Allianz Johnston Sweepers* and Global Sweepers*
  • Allianz Johnston 3000, MX450
  • Allianz Johnston 4000, NYC, Caltrans
  • Global Sweeper M3/MX3
  • Global Sweeper M4

Allianz Sweepers*
  • Allianz MT350, MS350, MST350

Bucher Schorling Sweepers*

  • Cityfant 6000
  • Citycat 2020

Madvac Vacuum Litter Pickers*
  • Madvac 101, LN50, LR50, 61
  • Madvac PS300, CN100, LX300, LT500

Impellers & fan casings

Vacuum nozzles components

Rubber seals, mud flaps & curtains

Intake ducts & trunkings


Gutter Broom Components

Pick-Up Broom - Wide Sweep Broom components

Elevator Components

Water system

Contact us for any other sweeper parts*

Depending on the item, SPS replacement parts are original equipment parts or aftermarket parts. Our parts are guaranteed to work.